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We have analysed your Action Learning Set and find it very ambitious. Below are some suggested areas of research that can be found either within Wikipreneurship or by following links from wikipreneurship

Access to Finance Mechanisms (Capital to Develop Businesses) see articles in category:microfinance. There was a specific EMN project focusing on migrant microfinance that can be seen at European Microfinance Network. The most important project by numbers for microfinance and migrants is ADIE in France. Interesting experiments have taken place in Norway and Spain - see Fundació Un Sol Món

Building Trust - case studies to follow - we need to understand more about what you are plannin to do here in terms of neighbourhood outreach and work with communities. We think that both SIED/ACBBA in London (working with migrant and refugee groups) and EVU in Copenhagen have some interesting examples of outreach into communities. EVU published a guide to good practices in working with migrant business support

Get close to illegal or borderline situations. See informal economy for a discussion of issues in the UK context. The EMN Inti project mentioned above had a book of best practices in business support with migrants

Levelling Expectations with reality: we don't have anything on this

New Market Assessment - we need to clarify what exactly you mean by this. If it is about business planning then we will find some relevant case studies

Promote Immigrant entrepreneurs products and services near the market - again some clarity about what exactly you are looking at here. EVU in Copenhagen has some useful experience

Creation of Social Recognition moments for Enterprises supporting immigrant entrepreneurs. There are a range of awards across Europe focusing on disadvantaged entrepreneurs. The Inner City 100 was one of the most successful and created an index published in the Financial Times. See also the listing from the wikipreneurship category:awards

Development of Tools (MILE tools, junior achievement, equal opportunity and K'cidade: we need to have a clearer view of what tools

Entrepreneurial Culture. See category:culture and conditions. This has a lot of material in it as it covers many areas from regulation to category:enterprise education. In this context working with young people it is worth looking at Taktix from Kent UK and also Valnalon in Asturias which developed the minicompany approach.

Promote regional Impact - we need to understand better what you mean by this.

Women will and gender barriers category:women. There is a huge amount on gender. A recent French policy on women has been announced. UK has a lobby and advocacy organisation called Prowess that has developed valuable tools including Prowess flagship award

Create continuity activities for children involved on “Aprender a Empreender” see category:Enterprise education