Case study

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Case study

What it is: A case study is a history of some event or a set of circumstances with appropriate details which the trainees need to examine and understand. The trainees are required to analyze and diagnose the causes of a particular problem (or problems) set out in the case study. They may further be required to solve the problem/s.

When to use it: A case study is ideally used to demonstrate the application of various techniques in the real life situations which participants are likely to face. What it will achieve: A case study simulates situations which the trainees may face in their day-to-day business dealings. It therefore prepares trainees to face similar or related situations in real life.

Advantages: The case study method helps the participants to look at a problem or set of circumstances free from the pressures of the actual problem/event. It provides opportunities for exchange of ideas and generation of alternative solutions to problems which they will face in their businesses.

Disadvantages: In real life, the situations/events will differ from those set out in case studies. The trainees may get the wrong impression of real life situations.