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SFEDI Endorsement Service UK accreditation of business support

SFEDI provides enterprise know-how for enterprising people. We want to help promote all those enterprise support and development tools that meet our internationally renowned standards. We understand that enterprising people throughout the UK are using their skills and knowledge to develop amazing products, programmes and services aimed at the enterprise sector and we’re here to recognise those efforts.

SFEDI Endorsement is a badge of excellence and recognition for products, training/learning programmes, websites or qualifications. Supported by SFEDI’s world class research and quality, our endorsement:

  • recognises learning
  • shows quality
  • helps small businesses
  • is independent and impartial
  • is internationally recognised

SFEDI Endorsement is based on quality criteria and confirms that your product, programme or service will meet the needs of its market and is ‘entrepreneur friendly’. Think of all good enterprise development tools as having ‘SFEDI Inside’.


The benefits of endorsement

SFEDI Endorsement is an acknowledgement that your product, programme or service is well designed, delivered to consistent standards and is of world-class quality.

You will be entitled to use SFEDI’s Endorsed logo on:

  • materials that promote or support your product, programme or service — a badge of quality to attract customers and assure clients
  • general publication literature associated with SFEDI’s Endorsed programme
  • promotion of your product, programme or service on SFEDI’s Endorsed website — a resource for all who seek to promote their programme as quality professional development
  • promotion of your product, programme or service through our delivery network of Centres of Excellence

There are benefits for everyone in having their product, programme or service endorsed:

  • proof of high quality training and professionalism
  • evidence of effective learning
  • a competitive edge over rivals to win new business

SFEDI Endorsement - How it works

The basic idea is that your product, programme or service will be evaluated against SFEDI’s Endorsement Criteria. The Endorsement criteria are based on over 15 years of research and specify the standards expected for good quality learning provision and support.

If your product, programme or service meets these criteria, we will endorse it. You will then be able to use the SFEDI Endorsed logo on your marketing and materials, and will be able to benchmark against the best in the business. This can give you a commercial advantage over your competitors.

But that’s not all — SFEDI Endorsement has other advantages. It encourages organisations to respond quickly to demands created by new skills gaps in the market, so being ‘SFEDI Endorsed’ will be a sign to existing and potential customers that you’re ahead of the game.

Quality Endorsement: We will conduct a biennial audit to confirm that the training or learning programmes continue to meet SFEDI’s Endorsement Criteria. Because they’ve been audited, your programmes will always be rigorous, and respected for it.

How do I apply for SFEDI Endorsement?

Applications for endorsement are considered and granted by our Advisory Board made up of all the leading business support, enterprise development and small firm membership organisations.

The first thing to do is contact SFEDI’s Endorsement Team. They’ll talk you through the process and be able to give you an indication of the likelihood of successful endorsement. SFEDI only endorses ‘exemplar’ products, programmes and services that:

  • clearly meet the needs of the target audience
  • are proven in practice
  • demonstrate innovation

Prior to being put forward to the SFEDI Advisory Board our Endorsement team will assess your product, programme or service to ensure that it meets with our endorsement criteria and principles.

How much does SFEDI Endorsement cost?

Assessment, criteria mapping, verification and subsequent biennial audits will be conducted by qualified and experienced SFEDI staff. Assessment and mapping fees are dependent on the nature of your product, programme or service. An initial assessment fee of £750 per product or £1,500 per programme applies. Further fees may be applicable if extensive assessment, mapping or additional input is required. This will be discussed and agreed on application.

Final presentation to the Advisory Board for official endorsement is free of charge and will take place after successful assessment, mapping and verification.

The fee for subsequent biennial audits is £750.

You may be eligible for a discount if you’re applying for Endorsement for more than one product, programme or service.

If you would like to apply for SFEDI Endorsement, or would like more information, please contact the SFEDI Endorsement Team.

Tel: +44 1325 328304