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Ms Florica Chereches

Current position: Executive Director and Founder, Integra Romania Association, Romania

With a background in mechanical engineering, Florica was asked almost four years ago to found and register Integra Romania and become its Director. She lives in Oradea, Romania, where the program was started. After three years of activity, Integra Romania became one of the best partner agency within Integra network, has a very efficient lending activity, hired and formed 11 young women, trained almost 900 persons and disbursed 500 loans of a total value that exceeds half million dollars.

Florica became a very efficient promoter of the entire Integra network and had spoken at different fundraising events in the US. She has met Directors of large international corporations, ambassadors and other personalities, sharing with them the excitement of her work. She is also playing an active role in the Romanian Microfinance Coalition, a project funded by USAID.


Integra Romania Association
Address: str. Retezatului nr 2, 410195 Oradea, Romania
Tel: +40 745 601049
Fax: +40 259 415023