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ALS Komotini SWOT Komotini

The key need expressed by Komotini in the ALS was the provision of good practices, micro-finance:

Background information on microfinance and microcredit and microfinance in Europe

a range of articles on microfinance including products and case studies

Links to the European Microfinance Network EMN which is the leading membership body supporting microfinance in Western Europe

Links to Micro Finance Centre (in Warsaw) which focuses on micro finance in the former soviet Union and newly independet states and which has many references and best practice materials

Current situation: Manpower/NGOs/chamber of commerce working in the same field. Result: duplication of work + no coordination = Fiasco.

An Observatory which has data on “indicators of entrepreneurship in the city of Komotini” was created under URBAN II and has the space to create an office for employment.

Project idea: creation of a local office of employment and entrepreneurship that will

  • use data from the observatory for socio-economic and habitat urban indicators
  • ensure sustainability
  • connect it with the immigration office
  • with Greek language courses all year

Support needed

  • Support for proposal development. Start with working on the MILE logframe to clarify goal, objectives, outputs and activities